The AI-Concierge speaks for your brand

Do you need an active, flexible and efficiency-enhancing interface for communicating with your customers that does much more than a chatbot? The highly customisable AI-Concierge provides answers to customer questions and AI-supported advice in your brand voice – in 95 languages, for all data sources. You can incorporate customer feedback directly into your search engine optimisation: your website content is immediately easier to find.

Hello, I'm your AI-Concierge

Scalable, fast and flexible for your industry

The AI-Concierge steps in where chatbots fail: our tool offers active, individual problem solutions and therefore fast, first-class support for your customers – instead of standardised forwarding to a call center. Programmed by us as a generative AI tool, it maximizes the benefits between knowledge and communication. The AI-Concierge requires minimal training and fulfils your individual requirements for an ideal and always up-to-date AI assistant for your company. For you, this means: 100% control over the content and optimal responses from the AI-Concierge in your context!

The use of classic chatbots in tourism is impractical or even impossible: even with high start-up costs, only standardised communication in a few languages can be covered. With AI-Concierge, this problem is a thing of the past: Our AI assistant does not need to be retrained and enables worldwide communication with your customers and interested parties in your specific corporate language.

We know how the official mould whinnies and uncover content problems! By structuring your administrative data, targeted communication becomes universally possible for the first time. The personalised support provided by the AI-Concierge enables efficient and solution-oriented communication with citizens and creates trust.

The AI-Concierge realizes direct customer communication relating to your products and services, spare parts, trade, advice and support. We are reducing the workload of your helplines and service centers by 10 to 30 percent. Do you have a wide range of information requirements or an international target group? The AI-Concierge can support you all the better!

🌟 We are nominated! Pure excitement at the Constantinus Award 2024! 🌟

A groundbreaking news: Our project “The AMS is revolutionizing career orientation with the BERUFSINFOMAT! Gen-AI in communication with citizens” is nominated for the Constantinus Award 2024 in the digitalization category! This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements in the IT industry and highlights our innovative work with generative AI.

Why it matters

Our CAREER INFOMAT uses AI-controlled technology to change the process of finding careers and suitable apprenticeships by offering inspiring support and suggestions. This recognition is a sign that innovation paves the way to the future.

Would you like to get closer to your customers with the AI-Concierge?

Let’s talk about the possible applications for your personal AI assistant according to your specific needs. We will be happy to advise you!

More than a chatbot

B2C Infotainment

The AI-Concierge makes your web content discoverable and provides your customers with the best answers in your brand voice. To all questions, in 95 languages.

B2C Product Sales

Our generative AI tool structures your databases and enables targeted professional responses in line with your guidelines.

B2C guidance

The AI-Concierge offers comprehensive individualised support: from standard questions on service lines to spare parts advice and product and service recommendations.

Empathic counsellor

With the AI-Concierge, unlike chatbots, you can actually achieve communication in which users forget that they are talking to a tool: empathetic, understandable, personalised.

Would you like to experience the AI-Concierge live? Request our demo version now!

We will show you how the AI-Concierge can relieve you and your team. Take a look with us into the future of artificial intelligence, which can assist you today at your request!

Are you wondering how the tool actually works? We would be happy to give you an insight into our world. Because the unique value of the AI-Concierge lies in the technology and programming, which enables a quantum leap in your customer communication.

Our offer is available at a fixed price: after a start time of 2 to 5 days, there is only a flexible monthly cost per question and answer. With this minimal outlay, you are guaranteed to achieve your monthly return on investment (RoI) for the AI-Concierge, even with a low volume of questions.

We are the goodguys.

Who is behind it all? We are technology experts with national and international references, decades of experience and the trust of more than 20,000 users per month.

FAQ: We are often asked this

No, it is a customisable tool that offers a much wider range of services and much better quality customer communication than a chatbot.

The AI-Concierge delivers much more than a chatbot or other frameworks that cannot be programmed: As a true AI assistant, it adapts to your content, your type of communication and your company’s corporate identity. We can set up the AI-Concierge in such a way that it fulfils all your individual requirements for a perfect AI assistant.

Thanks to its scalability, the tool offers a flexibility in communication that no company process can match. It can communicate just as well with 1,000 people as with 10.

Yes, it can generate written and spoken content in 95 languages.


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