AI in customer service: This is how the AI ​​Concierge works in practice

As a generative AI tool, the AI ​​Concierge offers you a completely new dimension of brand communication with your customers.

The unique technology of the AI ​​Concierge enables AI in customer service in an automated process at the highest level of competence:

Step 1: Text or voice input - Deep understanding of questions.

As a highly intelligent AI tool, the AI ​​Concierge actually understands your customers’ questions, unlike conventional chatbots. As soon as a new question is entered, the tool uses its technology to generate the appropriate answers, even for complex queries. To do this, the AI ​​Concierge connects the information available on the customer website with an individual, almost unlimited knowledge and product database for the customer. As a result, you receive natural, human-looking communication with precise information on customer questions, including queries to clarify customer requirements.

Step 2: information comparison – stored knowledge.

The AI ​​Concierge reads all the information on your website and other information that can be specifically defined according to your wishes every day. In case of queries, the stored knowledge is available for optimal answers.

Step 3: Provide an answer – relevant and precise.

From the generative AI models used in the background, the AI ​​Concierge determines the individually appropriate knowledge for each question, checks the quality of all information on the website including texts, images and links as well as all other knowledge fed into the tool, and then delivers a precise and relevant one Answer.

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AI in customer service with a maximum degree of individualization

The individual functions of automated customer communication with the AI ​​Concierge can be customized down to the smallest detail.

How does the AI ​​Concierge generate its knowledge?

The AI ​​Concierge combines different nuances of knowledge components according to their context and processes all information according to your specifications as a user.


In the customer cockpit, frequently asked questions are grouped into topics so that the most important topics can be identified at a glance. By specifically editing questions and answers on the focus topics, you can optimize your customer communication and gain valuable input for your SEO strategy!


The voice sound of the AI ​​Concierge is convincing: The highly intelligent AI tool knows how to play with language and, just like in personal communication between people, uses emojis and a variety of stylistic nuances that you define according to your internal company communication style. In the chats overview, the AI ​​Concierge keeps you up to date at all times: Which questions were entered by interested parties on the website and in which languages? How are these questions answered? Was the customer satisfied?

Structured data

The structured data allows the AI ​​Concierge to read and store an almost unlimited amount of information about your products and services as well as connections between the individual components of your offer, which are technically integrated and can be administered via scraping. Examples of this would be a wide range of information in tourist regions – from opening times to transport facilities and sights. Since all data is updated once a day, short-term changes are possible at any time using scraping. Thanks to API capability and any format (XLSX, CSV, JSON, XML), there are no limits!

Dynamic Data Management

In addition to the content of your website, you provide the AI ​​Concierge and thus your customers with additional content: You can flexibly enter and maintain this so-called dynamic information yourself. Typical examples of this would be connections between individual products or services in your portfolio that are relevant to your customers. Dynamic data gives you the opportunity to highlight important topics and provide detailed explanations. And you can enrich knowledge beyond the website and your products and thus reach an assistant who is competent in your field!

FAQ and Corrections

In addition to the dynamic data, your subject areas and content can be personalized and regionalized: Thanks to its learning ability, the AI ​​Concierge is specifically fed with individual information from your company context and prepared for related questions – and thus tailored to the information needs of your customers.

At the same time, you can add content updates or short-term information in the form of “corrections” in order to temporarily or permanently replace the usual answer to a specific customer question.


Additional instructions, texts or descriptions for your website content can be integrated as files in the AI ​​Concierge, so that the contents of these files are also available for AI communication.


The “scraping” function allows you to switch the knowledge available on your website on or off as you wish: you decide for yourself which parts of knowledge are currently relevant for your customers and can exclude other topics – permanently or temporarily.

Detailed configuration made to measure

Structured data

A variety of modalities for your AI Concierge can be individually defined in your personal configurations: the entry of linguistic details such as common abbreviations, expressions or usage terms can be stored, as can text design and appearance (client design) in the presentation for the customer, as well as details on response behavior or the client integration (technical format of integration).

AI-Concierge Client

The questions can be entered in text form or as voice input in all languages, with the answer being adapted to the client design of the customer browser in the respective national language.


After incorporating new knowledge, the answers can be tested by experimenting with different prompts. In addition to different languages, different forms of addressing – for example “Sie” versus “Du” – as well as language styles can be selected depending on the brand identity or corporate language. In addition, the desired length of the answers given can be freely defined depending on the target group, the company’s communication style and the goal of the communication.


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