AI in customer service:
Your quantum leap for more customer proximity

Your helpline is often overloaded, the service centre can't get a break and it's impossible for your employees to communicate with all your customers in their native language? With AI in customer service in the form of the AI-Concierge, your customer communication is entering a new era.

The AI assistant can be trained with the documents from your company or authority within a few days.
Immediately after the training phase, the AI-Concierge starts solving your customers’ issues and problems quickly and efficiently.

Hello, I'm your AI-Concierge

Easily available.
On all devices.

The good news is that neither you nor your customers need to have any knowledge of AI to use AI effectively in customer service. The AI assistant works stationary, mobile and responsive on any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet. Talk/listen (audio based conversation!) to us. Live, generative active!

The AI-Concierge as valuable internal and external support means for you:

Fewer calls from your customers

Higher customer satisfaction

more motivated customers

Fast and effective solutions

Better information in your specific corporate identity

Expertise based on sound experience

Thanks to our understanding of generative AI, we master the tool’s repertoire and design and control the process.

Over the past 5 years, we have developed and refined our specific expertise in numerous tourism projects, movement forecasts, logistical optimisations, media resonance analyses and other exciting projects.

Customer communication is integrated into our customers’ end systems in around 95 languages, offering daily updates without the need for ongoing training. With our innovative AI in customer service, you can communicate with your customers from all over the world easily and effectively.

Your AI in customer service:
Reliable. Fast. At a lean price.

You know your content better than we do. Depending on the requirements, we specify your individual use case and, if necessary, draw up a step-by-step plan for the introduction. We act quickly and reliably, transparently and preferably on an equal footing with innovative customers.

Do you need an AI assistant? Get in touch for a chat!

Embrace the new way of communicating through AI in customer service – and you will gain without any additional effort: you will simultaneously relieve your own resources and keep your customers well informed.


Do you have questions about our AI-Concierge or want to schedule a consultation? Our team is happy to answer all your inquiries.