AI communication in administration: Simple. Secure. Trustworthy.

Customer communication in your administrative institution at municipal, regional or national level is associated with daily challenges.

AI communication lets authorities breathe a sigh of relief

For these challenges in communication with citizens, you would like to see easily realisable and sustainable improvements:

Complex information

Due to the complex and varied services provided by your organisation, the information about your services is also difficult to understand. Clear communication with citizens is essential, but difficult to achieve.


Public authorities are often regarded as slow and are sometimes perceived as such in their communication. Efficient processes are required to respond to concerns and enquiries in the shortest possible time.

Diverse target groups

Administrative organisations serve people with a wide variety of needs, backgrounds and languages. Providing all citizens with access to important information requires a great deal of time and human resources.

Image cultivation

The image of public authorities is significantly influenced by communication. Positive communication strategies with the help of AI can improve citizens’ trust in the administration.

Digitalisation and citizen participation

For public authorities, the transition to digitalisation is linked to ensuring equal access for all citizens. At the same time, mechanisms must be put in place to enable all citizens to actively participate in decision-making processes.

The AI-Concierge optimises efficiency, transparency and citizen participation in administrative authorities.

Maximum safety and accessibility

When it comes to AI communication in public administration, particular attention must be paid to data protection, ethical standards and transparency.

You can expect these results from the AI-Concierge for your administrative authority:

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