Your AI partner for success and growth

How can we give companies and public authorities the decisive advantage through artificial intelligence?
Help them accelerate and simplify their path to success and growth with an AI solution?

This question was already buzzing around in our heads many years before we developed the AI-Concierge. In 2021, our core team of physicists, computer scientists and business IT specialists came together as goodguys and pooled their collective AI expertise in logistics, optimization, text recognition, document qualification, mass processing, labelling and generative AI in the AI-Concierge.

The AI assistant understands your language and responds in your language! A new kind of interaction is created!

Working side-by-side
instead of AI gold-digger myths

The AI-Concierge is fully in line with our philosophy:
we take the fast, pragmatic and direct route to the goal.

As users, our customers in companies and public authorities utilise the tool in the foreground, while we manage the technology in the background. And even though we know why what works and how, we see ourselves as users of AI – and not as its rulers.

We are aware of the myths and fears surrounding AI. That’s why we don’t promise our customers the blue sky and don’t fib in the wake of the big AI gold rush. We prioritize comprehensibility, efficiency and empathy, and work on an equal footing with our customers – for the best possible support with a unique and honest tool.

As team players, we want to learn, experiment, try things out and improve after mistakes together with our customers.

For the fun of technology

For us, technology and business serve to boldly conquer and reach new shores. Are you starting your AI adventure with us? We look forward to getting to know you!


Do you have questions about our AI-Concierge or want to schedule a consultation? Our team is happy to answer all your inquiries.