Price & Performance tailored to your individual AI-Concierge

Our highly customized AI tool perfectly adapts to your conditions: Together, we analyze your specific needs, the current state, and your goals. Based on this foundation, we create your tailor-made AI-Concierge for optimal performance. When it comes to planning and implementation, we support you with speed, focus, and individual attention.

Our package offerings speak for themselves:

Approx. 2,000 static web pages

  • Building knowledge with unstructured information
    • Website/Website
    • Text documents,
    • PDFs (1 or 2-column continuous text)
  • Content moderation by the customer
  • Scope: 2 to 5 person days
  • Feedback response included in the project price
    • Salutation: formal/informal
    • Different levels of response
    • Inclusive/exclusive links, images, digital assets
  • Costs
    • Can be realized with a one-off entry budget over a few person days!
    • Monthly costs depend on the use of ChatGPT3.5T or GPT 4T and are based on the number of questions answered (the complexity or scope of the answer does not determine the price).

Integration of external data sources and several static websites

  • Features such as Starter Project with additional structured data source(s)
    • product data/catalog – connection,
    • tourist objects – interfaces,
    • availability information – sources,
    • service catalog – API, etc.
  • Content moderation by the customer and integration of the additional data source(s) by goodguys
  • Costs
    • Scope from 10 to 20 person days
    • Ongoing costs like Starter project

Integration of your websites and external data sources controlled by CMS (Content Management System) via API

  • strucutred/unstructured data like Medium & large projects
  • Moderation of all content communication according to your preferences by goodguys
  • Realization: starting from 20 days
  • Initial monthly costs depend on the usage of ChatGPT3.5T or GPT 4T
  • Costs
    • Scope from 20 person days up
    • Ongoing costs like start project
  • Integration of a structured data source at a fixed price
  • Integration of additional websites at a fixed price
  • Integration of WhatsApp (or other social media channels) at a fixed price
  • Integration of Google Maps routing at a fixed price
  • Integration of email response at a fixed price
  • Integration of redirection to your office at a fixed price
  • Regionalization/Thematic context formulation at a fixed price


Do you have questions about our AI-Concierge or want to schedule a consultation? Our team is happy to answer all your inquiries.