Your AI language assistant and problem solver in tourism

Is your company in the tourism industry and would you like to communicate more efficiently with your customers and prospects?

More than a voice assistant: the answer to your customer enquiries

As a provider for your international clientele, you know these hurdles:

Multilingual communication

Your customers come from a wide variety of countries and regions around the world.

The AI-Concierge speaks 95 languages – so most likely also the native language of your customers. By using your new AI language assistant, they will feel better understood and picked up: the chances of a booking increase. Acoustic live chats are a reality now (audio in/out)

Time zones and speed of response

Many questions reach you at times when you are unable to provide immediate information due to different time zones.

With the AI-Concierge, you can overcome temporal and spatial separation and easily create a 24/7 service with your customers without any additional time or organisational effort.


Your customers expect highly personalised services such as specific offers and services that entail increased effort for you.

Thanks to its high level of intelligence, the AI-Concierge can communicate customised solutions based on your data.

The automation of a large number of processes, coupled with a higher degree of individualisation, increases customer satisfaction and therefore the success of your customer communication.

AI for an optimal customer experience

Thanks to its effective integration into your communication, the AI-Concierge immediately and directly leads to better results in your customer communication. The tool recognises your customers' information needs with pinpoint accuracy and provides them with ideal solutions in real time.

You can expect these results from the AI-Concierge:

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