More than a chatbot
for companies

In your customer communication, you experience daily challenges
that slow down your company's success.

A chatbot for companies?
The AI-Concierge does more.

You need efficient solutions for these complex topics in your communication:

Variety of communication channels

Your customers use numerous platforms and channels such as social media, your service centre, email, telephone, live chats and personal interactions. Consistent communication therefore requires a high level of human resources or cannot be guaranteed across the board.

High expectations of response times

Your customers are used to real-time communication and expect short-term responses to their enquiries or complaints. Only fast responses ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen the bond with your customers.


Your customers expect highly personalised services such as specific offers and services that involve increased effort for you.

Feedback culture

In the context of digitalisation, online reviews and comments on social media platforms are a key influencing factor for your company’s image. Actively maintaining a positive online reputation is a key success factor in your customer communication.

Thanks to its high level of intelligence, the AI-Concierge can communicate customised solutions for companies based on your data, unlike a conventional chatbot. Shortage of skilled labour: In many industries, the search for suitable employees for customer service is a challenge. The AI-Concierge can be woven into your holistic marketing strategy to help you overcome these hurdles and establish more efficient customer-centered communication.

AI for customer loyalty in real time

In combination with human interaction at key interfaces, the AI-Concierge - unlike a chatbot - offers companies the ideal conditions for successful communication.

You can expect these results from the AI-Concierge:

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