News / Updates

Release information for March 8th, 2024

  • PoolTimeout, which strikes very annoyingly unprepared and stalls the service. Hold thumbs! (AMS NOT yet released)
  • null Bug in the client (Bregenz) is hopefully gone. But since I can’t understand it, it’s not sure yet :-/
  • Carinthia Function Call Questions about accommodation are now correctly recognized and others are correctly ignored
  • Austria advertising didn’t want scrolling up when new messages came in in the admin -> that’s how it’s now implemented
  • Image descriptions in chat output are now displayed correctly
  • Markdown elements that previously remained (###, **, ![](), etc.) are now rendered cleanly in the client and displayed as headings or bold font
  • Commands are now treated separately. -> Missing texts should no longer occur (see Bregenz)
  • Bootstrap is now removed from the client (only for AMS), which also removes some display anomalies 😉
  • Images are now all checked beforehand to see if they still work -> no images that appear to be missing
  • Individual remnants such as ‘()’ or other remnants of cleaning jobs are now removed.
  • Voice input for the AI ​​Concierge 😮
  • Dedicated button in the client for dictating new questions (start and stop)
  • Web and mobile
  • Button is dynamic and changes depending on status and shows speech volume as feedback
  • Is automatically interrupted after 2 seconds of “silence” (or by pressing the button again)
  • It is also canceled after a maximum of 15 seconds as protection against abuse
  • Special treatment for all Safari browsers where you have to do EVERYTHING differently! grrrr (MP4 instead of webm, for OpenAI then converted to WAV via ffmpeg)
  • Samples are converted into text using OpenAI’s Whisper
  • Then cleaned up with a GPT call
  • Recognized text is then automatically sent as a new question
  • Voice input can be deactivated/activated in the Admin Tool
  • You can define words that should not be touched during text generation and are therefore known to the language model (proper names, products, names, etc.)
  • Already completely implemented for Wagrain (including UI) and up and running 🙂
  • Already implemented for AMS but nothing deployed to Q yet
  • All other customers still need a tailor-made implementation for their UI
  • UI can be designed completely with CSS, including the dynamic colors for the volume visualization
  • ATTENTION: NO voice output yet!! That’s for another day 😉


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