Maximum security and flexibility

Safety with AI is important to us. Accuracy and perfection with generative AI is important to us!

We attach great importance to product features that support the broad use of this generative AI solution:

  • Data protection:
    • DSFA: The AI-Concierge service is equipped with a data protection impact assessment (DSFA), so that absolutely secure use by the data protection officer is possible.
    • Separation of web client and AI: We have implemented a separation of the user data from the generative AI. This ensures that no user data (apart from the question entered by the user) reaches the AI. Even the linking of the communication to the answer in several questions is not recognizable to each other for the AI
  • Equality and diversity: our process makes it possible to reduce the existing bias of generative AI and achieve the greatest possible balance in the answers given
  • Responsive interface: our AI-Concierge is designed from the ground up to be usable on current mobile devices.
  • TÜV tested: The interface of the AI concierge was tested by TÜV using several test procedures.
  • Barrier-free client interface: Customers in a wide range of business sectors demand accessibility (WCAG 2.1 predominant). This has been implemented in a unique way within the possibilities of a Conversational AI solution!
  • Performance tested for real use: These tests complete the picture of a stable generative AI solution. For our customers, we carry out generation tests with several thousand question/answer combinations in parallelization situations to ensure that

Every implementation situation is possible:

  • Azure OpenAI compatible: The AI concierge can also be connected to your own Microsoft Azure subscription (MS OpenAI).
  • Data center/cloud/on-premise: AI-Concierge can be used flexibly – from the data center (Wedel IT) of goodguys GmbH, from the customer’s data center or from the customer’s cloud. The service can also be installed on-premise in your data center on your systems.


Do you have questions about our AI-Concierge or want to schedule a consultation? Our team is happy to answer all your inquiries.