What makes the AI-Concierge unique?

The AI-Concierge has several unique features that set it apart from other chat and expert solutions. It integrates Generative AI, which means that it can learn and adapt to new content without extensive training. With the trained experience of OpenAI’s LargeLanguageModel (GPT3, ChatGPT 3.5T, GPT 4T), it can be used in different languages and for global applications. Its flexibility enables the processing of different spellings and dialects. Continuous learning allows it to adapt quickly to changing requirements and it can process both structured and unstructured data. The ability to recognise context leads to precise answers, and the AI-Concierge does not require extensive training for the customer’s employees.

An important feature of the AI-Concierge is its linguistic appropriateness, which ensures that no racist or sexist answers are given. If user input cannot be resolved, a polite negative response is given. The AI-Concierge always answers in the language in which the conversation was started and adds relevant links according to the selected setting on the interface.

This unique combination of features makes it an innovative conversational AI solution for companies worldwide.

The AI-Concierge service (SaaS)

In a world where technology is transforming our daily interactions, conversational AI is playing an increasingly important role. One of the most exciting examples is the AI-Concierge, an innovative tool that is revolutionising the way we use information. But what exactly is the AI-Concierge and how can it improve our lives?

The AI-Concierge is based on an intelligent pool of expertise that is continuously updated. This pool is created from text information from websites by extracting information and converting it into a store of knowledge. In this way, the AI-Concierge can provide users with answers to questions in colloquial language. An impressive capability of the AI-Concierge is its multilingualism. No matter in which language the question is asked, it can answer in the same language. This enables smooth and multilingual communication.

Another key aspect is the FAQ pool, which serves to avoid contradictory answers. Users can validate and improve questions and answers, which continuously increases the quality of the answers. This feedback loop can also be used for marketing purposes and to optimise website content. Answers are generated using Natural Language Understanding/Processing (NLU/NLP) methods based on artificial intelligence. We use Generative AI to generate the response to defined content components and rule out hallucination. The AI-Concierge can understand the context of the question and provide relevant information.

The ability to respond in different languages makes the AI-Concierge a powerful tool for companies and organisations that operate globally. It can be used on websites, in mobile apps and even on social media.

Overall, the AI-Concierge changes the way we interact with information. It provides a natural and user-friendly way to get answers to our questions. With its help, companies and organisations can improve and personalise communication with their customers, resulting in a better user experience. 


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