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Innovations in the AI concierge in June 2024

We are pleased to introduce you to three significant innovations for your AI concierge service in June 2024:

Our new upload function now fully supports PDF, DOCX and TXT files. This includes:

  • Image and text recognition: Images, multi-column texts and text-image overlays are recognized.
  • Optimization of long documents: Long PDFs are now ideally prepared.


Note: Please re-upload your existing documents to take advantage of these improvements. Test with 1 to 3 files first.

Our new AI pipeline generates additional “FAQ-like” information during processing that is visible in the admin interface. These help highlight hidden facts and domain-specific elements. Please review the beta results carefully.

Since May 14, 2024, we have been using the new model “GPT4o” from OpenAI. It is faster and smarter than its predecessors. As our customers, you benefit directly from this innovation.

If you have any questions or comments, our service team will be happy to help you.
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